What is the Employees page?

The Employees page is where you add the workers in your organization into PickTrace, view and manage their personal and employment-related information, and print their employee badge. To access the page, select Employees from the PickTrace Office menu.

Employee Hiring

Employees are created in PickTrace by adding personal information (Name, SSN, date of birth, gender, contact information, etc) and they are hired into one or more employers. Once this information is saved, each employee is assigned a unique PickTrace ID and has an Employee Profile which is available in PickTrace Office and the mobile application. 

How do I create (hire) a new employee

Bulk Employee Upload

Employee Badges

After an Employee has been hired, they are assigned a PickTrace ID and unique barcode for their Employee badge. This badge is used to scan the Employee into work on the mobile application.

How Do I Print an Employee Badge

Good to Knows:

  • Multiple Employers: An employee can be uniquely hired for more than 1 Employer
    • 💡 Note: An employee can work for multiple Employers simultaneously (even within the same day).
    • 💡 Note: If an Employee is active under multiple Employers, their name will appear once for each Employer. 
  • From the Employee Profile page, the Employment Info section shows the Employee’s current employer information. The Inactive Employment Info section shows all previous employers an Employee has worked for in the past and additional information pertaining to those historical hire dates.
  • Though optional, you can assign a minimum guaranteed rate for each employee, unique to their Employer, on the Employee Profile page. This "Compensation" field is an optional rate that the Employee will be paid, if their Crew Schedule pays them less per hour. Employees are paid the higher total between the hourly rate designated in the "Compensation" field and their Crew Schedule.

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