Issuing a PayCard to existing employees

To issue a PayCard to an employee that is already in your PickTrace organization, go to the employees page from the left navigation bar to start.

Provide the employee with the PayCard brochure while you start the registration process.

Step 1: Find the employee

From the employees page search for the employee you want to issue a PayCard to.

Note: you can search using their name or their employee ID

Step 2: Access the employee profile.

Navigate to the employee profile by clicking on the arrow on the far right of the employee list.

On a desktop you can also right clicking the employee name and select the first option with their name and id on the menu.

Step 3: Click on “Assign PayCard”

From the employee profile page click the "Assign PayCard" button.

Step 4: Verify the employee's personal information.

4.1 Double check that the Name, DOB and SSN are correct, and up to date. you can make modifications if needed. The Name, Date of Birth, and SSN should match the employee's ID.

This information will be associated with their PayCard account

4.2 Verify that the address is correct and up to date. modify if needed.

4.3 Check the box to verify that you have completed this review and click "Next" to continue.

Step 5: Phone number

5.1 Confirm the phone number of the employee is correct. Updated if needed.

This should be a mobile number, and should be able to receive text or WhatsApp messages, they will use this phone number to validate access to the PayCard App. If they do not have a mobile, you should still collect their contact phone number since it is needed to issue a card.

A security code will be sent to the phone number in order for the cardholder to Access the app. Therefore, a personal phone number is better, but it is okay if the employee shares this phone with other people - it should be with people that they trust.

5.2 Provide the following information to the employee:

– You will receive your payroll each week on this card. Rather than cash a check (driving to store, waiting in line, and paying cash checking fees), you will automatically receive your payroll on this card.

– You can use this card just like a debit card.

Other examples of use you could provide to the employee:

  • To withdraw cash, Allpoint Network ATMs can be found in the pamphlet.
  • If you go to an out-of-network ATM, the ATM charges a fee and the card charges $1

Other Ways to get cash

  • ATMs
  • Cash Back at Point of Sale
  • Bank Teller

A detailed fee list, click on this icon to view and print a pdf:

5.3 Click "Next" to continue

Step 6: Review the PayCard Fees with the employee.

Show and inform about the fees to the employee for their most common uses of the card.

Provide the following information:

– It is free to use this card

– There are no monthly fees or purchase fees.

– You can use this for purchases, just like a debit card.

– You can use the card anywhere in the US and Mexico.

Other useful information for the employee:

If you need cash, Allpoint Network ATMs can be found here.

If you go to an out-of-network ATM, the ATM charges a fee and the card charges $1

Other ways to get cash are Cash Back at Point of Sale, Bank teller.

Step 7: Cardholder agreements

Have the employee review the cardholder agreements and check each box.

Turn the screen to them or hand over the tablet.

Select “Next” to continue.

Step 8: Associate the PayCard to the employee

Enter the 12-character code that is on the window of the PayCard envelope.

Select "Next" to continue.

Step 9: Personal Identification Number

Turn the screen and keyboard to the employee or hand over the tablet.

Have the employee enter a 4-digit PIN, twice.

Provide the following information to the employee:

  • Create a 4-digit PIN of your choosing. You will need to enter this PIN to make purchases or get cash from an ATM.
  • Make sure this is something you can remember.
  • It should be a secret, secure and something that other people can’t guess.
  • Do NOT share this with anyone else.


The PayCard has been issued and the confirmation screen now shows "Activated"

Provide the following information to the employee:

  • Your card is now set up.
  • Expect your next payroll to be deposited in this card.
  • Download the PayCard App to see your card information, including your balance and transactions.

Help the employee download and install the PayCard App if necessary.

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