Custom Check-In Time

The Custom Check-In allows the device users to check workers in at the exact same hour & minutes, regardless if the current time is different.

If you have a very large crew, usually the device user takes some time scanning everybody's badge at the beginning of the day to check them in and this ends up having people with different check-in times by minutes, to avoid this and other similar situations we have the custom check-in time feature. 

How do I enable this feature?

The Custom check-in needs to be enabled on the work bundle:

  1. Navigate to Work Bundles
  2. Click more_vert on the right-hand side of the work bundle
  3. Turn On toggle_on the Custom Check-In Time option
  4. Click Save

How do I check people in with the custom check-in?

  1. Navigate to Check-In on the device wb_sunny
  2. Turn On toggle_on custom check-in
  3. Select the time
  4. Scan the employee badges
    1. You can also check people in without the badges using the manual check-in feature keyboard

How would I know if a check-in time was created using this feature?

You can review this information by looking at the view edit history window on the timecard:

  1. Select the timecard
  2. Right-click on it
  3. Select history View Edit History

On this window, the "Create" operation will display all of the details that the timecard had when it was first created and on the "Update" operation you can see the actual custom check-in time that was used

Here's a short video explaining how to use this feature on the device:

The custom Check-in will only affect the first checkpoint of the day

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