Production Receipts

Brief Description

Organizations need to provide pickers with end-of-day receipts to confirm daily production totals so employees can better trust the accuracy of their compensation. Checkers and crew leaders now have a way to provide pickers with tangible, end-of-day validation around the number of pieces produced in the field that day. This helps instill trust in the employees that they are being fairly compensated for their production.

Here is a walkthrough on how to print employees' production receipts in your PickTrace field application.

  • From your field application's main page, select the three-bar menu located in your upper left corner.

  • Select the "Crew Summary" option in the menu

  • Once on the crew summary page, select the print receipt button to proceed to the printing options

  • On the print production receipt page, you could either print the entire crew members' receipt or individually by selecting or deselecting each of the checkboxes.

  • Receipt Example:
    • Receipt Included Details: Employee ID, Employee Name, Timestamp, Organization Name, Crew, Device, and, Totals

"No longer is double-entry of production on punch cards necessary. With PickTrace – leave paper, not pieces, behind."

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