General Supported Payroll Calculations

Supported Calculations

Type of Calculation Where it Applies How its calculated
Minimum Wage All States & Countries (pieces * piece-rate)/hours worked = Effective Hourly Rate (total per day/hours worked)
Effective Hourly rate < Minimum Wage, pay min wage. Read more.
Overtime CA Hours > 8.5/45 (CA): hourly rate * 1.5 OR piece-rate * 1.5. Read More.
Paid Breaks  All States (Not CA)  Average effective hourly rate (including only piece rate jobs) for the week * break hours. Read more.
Paid Breaks (CA & WA) California & Washington Only Average hourly rate (including  all jobs) for the week * break hours. Read more.
H2A Pay All States (case by case) $16.05 / hour min wage (CA) if domestic workers works with H2A, pay domestic worker same rate. See by State.
Piecework All States & Countries Pieces * piece-rate
Hourly + Piecework All States & Countries Hourly rate + (pieces * piece-rate)
7th day Law CA If an employee works 7 days in a row without rest, pay at 1.5 rate for entire 7th day, double time after 8 hours.

Unsupported Calculations

Type of Calculation Where it Applies How it is Calculated
Tiered Piecework All States & Countries pieces completed per day/hour * desired bonus for that piece count
Crew based incentives captured individually All States & Countries Take the pieces completed by individuals in the crew and then add them together and divide evenly among crew members
Bonus pay All States & Countries Give bonus based on non-production related or arbitrary values
(example: every 25 units give a bonus; every 3 consecutive days give a bonus; give bonus for good quality)
7 Minute Rounding

WA Only Round down at 7 and 59 seconds, and round up at 8 minutes. Read more
Crew based incentives

All States & Countries Pieces completed by crew (must be using split field ticket mode) divide among crew evenly

Piece Rate Note: A single employee may not be paid multiple piece rate structures at the same time. For example, an employee cannot work a straight piece work job AND a hourly + piecework job at the same time.

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