Wage Adjustment Report

The Wage Adjustment Report provides each employee's minimum wage adjustment per day. This report is especially helpful to understand your workforce's productivity relative to piece rates and other conditions and identify high and low performers as well as trends. Here are some helpful guidelines for using the Wage Adjustment Report:

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to the Reports page.
  2. Select the Wage Adjustment Report
  3. Select a date range and a crew.  The report will only show information for the date range and crew selected.  

Review Details

  1. The top section of the report provides the total amount of employees who required an adjustment over the time period selected and the total adjustment.
  2. The bottom section of the report breaks down each employee's adjustments per day, if any.

How to Use the Report

  • High/Low Performers & Trends
    • This report allows you to identify high performers, low performers, and trends across all your locations and jobs. For example, in harvest you can easily identify who in your crew is well over minimum wage vs. who isn't making minimum wage. 
      • Once you begin identifying this, you can actually see how some employees do better in certain locations and jobs vs other location and jobs. Over time, this allows you to play to your workforce strengths.
  • Crew Checks
    • If you look at your crews and see majority of the workers are making $18 an hour yet you see one employee making $32 an hour, that may raise suspicion and cause you to look at the timecards and production records before you ask the crew boss or foreman directly.
    • Use this report to see your crew bosses' managing trends to answer questions such as:
      • What percentage of the crew is at minimum wage or above?
      • Are majority of the workers in this crew always below minimum wage? Is the crew boss working with the crew to train and improve the crew or do they just replace workers that aren't producing?
  • Piece Rate Evaluation
    • Are you paying the correct piece rate? If majority of the crew is consistently not hitting minimum wage, then you may want to consider increasing your piece rate. If majority of the crew is consistently making well over minimum wage, your piece rate may be too high.
  • Compare Crews to Other Crews
    • Use this report to compare crews side by side doing similar jobs in similar location to see how crews are performing as a whole. Doing this exercise allows you to identify outliers among crew operations. If one crew is always under performing, compared to another crew, it may give reason to investigate what is going on.
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