Famous Payroll Upload

To process payroll, the time and production records in PickTrace need to accurately reflect the work that was completed in the field. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth payroll run.

Importing PickTrace Data into Famous

  1. Download the payroll export from PickTrace
  2. Navigate to your Downloads folder
  3. Rename the file using your own naming convention (i.e. 01012020payroll, 01_07payroll, etc)
  4. Ensure the file is closed
  5. Copy the file
  6. Navigate to your J Drive (Famous Drive) > Database > Exports
  7. Paste the file in the Exports folder
  8. Navigate to Famous
  9. Using the Famous Navigator, go to: Payroll > Daily Work > Transaction Import
  10. Type the exact file name here and add .txt to end of file name (i.e. 01012020payroll.txt) and select Ok.
  11. To view the information, select Crew Entry from the menu at the top of the Famous screen. 
  12. Select the most recent upload
  13. Follow usual internal procedures to process payroll.
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