Labor Cost Report Summary

The Labor Cost Report provides total hours and pieces per worker and per crew.  It is especially useful when balancing numbers for payroll.  Here are some helpful guidelines for using the Labor Cost Summary Report:

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to the Reports page.
  3. Select the Labor Cost Summary Report
  4. Select a date range and a crew.  The report will only show information for the date range and crew selected.  
    1. 💡Tip You can select multiple crews on a single report to see the totals for all of the combined crews or you can download one report per crew to see totals for a single crew. 

Review Details

  1. The top section of the report provides an employee's total hours/pieces and the entire crew's total hours/pieces. 
  2. The bottom section of the report breaks down each employee's totals per day
  3. Both sections display the following information:
    1. Total Hours
    2. Total Pieces 
    3.  Total Wage Adjustment
    4. Gross Pay
    5. Average Pay Per Hour

How to use

  1. Use the top section to validate that the total hours worked and total pieces collected match your other data 

Video Overview of Labor Cost Summary

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