How Do I Create a Site/Location?


  1. Navigate to Sites
  2. Click add_circle_outline  to create a new Site
  3. Fill in the information
  4. Click Save
Required Fields
  • Site Name
  • Site Type
  • Employer
  • Address 1
  • City, State
  • Zip Code

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VideoHow to create a site


  1. Navigate to Sites and Locations
  2. Click on the site to which the location will belong (locations are located under sites)
  3. Click add_circle_outline next to the search box add to create a new location
  4. Fill in the information
  5. Click Save
Required Fields
  • Location Name
  • Location Type 
  • Variety

If you use a name that is familiar to the user in the field, the selection process will be easier.

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Video: How to create a location

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