How do I edit timecards?

Edit Timecards (One or Many)

  • Select a checkbox or multiple checkboxes next to the Employee Name on the Timecard(s)
  • Right-click the Timecard and select edit   ‘Edit Timecard’ or hover over any part of the record to select the pencil icon ‘Edit’.
  • When selecting one individual Timecard:
    • All Timecards for that Employee will appear in a ‘Edit Timecard’ flyout window on the right-hand side
    • Edit any attributes of any of the Timecards such as Crew, Start Time, Location, etc.
    • Other options available from this screen are “Archive Timecard” (on the bottom of each Timecard) and “Add New Timecard” (on the bottom of the screen
    • Select Save
  • When selecting multiple Timecards:
    • The names of the selected Employees and a few editable options appear in a ‘Edit Timecard’ flyout window on the right-hand side.
    • Edit the Start Time, Site and Location, Job, Duration, and/or.
    • Select Save. Note that changes made will apply to all selected Timecards.
    • If times were changed, an ‘Edit Confirmation’ screen in timeline mode appears displaying the Timecards before and after. Select Save to confirm.

Duplicate Timecard

  • Right-click the Timecard
  • Select Duplicate file_copy Timecard from the drop-down
  • A flyout window appears with the Timecard’s attributes.
  • Edit any attribute of the Timecard such as Employee Name, Start Time, etc. You can also duplicate a Timecard and assign it to multiple people.
  • Select Save

Transfer Timecard

  • Select the checkbox next to one Timecard
  • Right-click the Timecard
  • Select Transfer Timecard from the drop-down
  • Update the Employee Name for whom the Timecard is associated. The Timecard is now associated to the updated Employee.

info To select multiple records, click on the timecards while holding your shift key to select a range of timecards or while holding your Ctrl key to select multiple rows.

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