What does Data Syncing mean?

When opening the Menu, the first piece of information under the PickTrace logo is the device name and synchronization status of data on the device.

The Menu shows the last time in which the device transferred information to and from PickTrace Field to PickTrace Office. The device is continuously and automatically syncing data on its own; the crew leader or checker does not need to think about manually syncing data. The number of actions listed as being unsynced are the number of actions that the device has not yet synced back to the Office. These actions will be stored on the device until a WiFi or data connection is established, at that time all unsynced information from the device will be synced to PickTrace Office. The unsynced information will never be deleted. 

Statuses: The following are potential data sync status the device shows:

  • Synced: When online and connected, all data is fully synced meaning that the device has sent data from PickTrace Field (the device) to PickTrace Office.
  • In-Progress: The device is currently in the process of sending data from the Field to the Office. The user will see a spinning icon with a number next to it; this is the number of actions taken on the device that have not yet synced. 
  • Not Connected: The device is offline for some reason (e.g., lost signal). Data collected on the device will not immediately transfer to the Office and vice versa; however, actions performed on the device such as recording production records and checking employees in and out will still be stored on the device and transferred to PickTrace Office once the device is online/connected again.

If there are “unsynced actions,” this means the device is storing information that has yet to be transferred to PickTrace Office but will be once the online connection resumes.

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