What are Production Records?

A Production Record is a record that has the details related to the piece work of an Employee. This includes the amount they picked, what they picked, where they picked it, and what they're paid to pick that type of crop. Production Records are typically generated from the handheld device, but it’s also possible to manually create them from PickTrace Office.

Office users will typically navigate to the Production Records page each morning to review and audit data from the previous day and reference incoming records in real-time.

When and how are Production Records used?

Each time a worker is given credit in the field, a Production Record is created in PickTrace Office.  Production Records determine how much an Employee is paid for the piecework that was completed on any given day. 
Office users navigate to the Production Records page to review these records, determine if any corrections need to be made, and validate rates, pieces, location, etc. 

The Production Records Page can be accessed from PickTrace Office on the left-hand navigation menu.  

Viewing Information

Information is displayed by date and is grouped by individual.  To change the information that is being displayed, change the date and/or filters. 

The red exclamation mark means there is a missing piece rate or the piece record isn’t tied to any Timecard.

Tip:To Identify the error typo hover over the red exclamation sign

To apply filters:

  • Select the search bar on the top header next to the date
  • A drop-down appears with search criteria including:
    • Name
    • Site/Location
    • Crop
    • Employer
    • Crew
    • Job
    • Device
    • Bin Tag
    • Unit
    • Unit count
    • Bin
    • Piece rate
    • Audited by
    • Edited record (checkbox)
  • Choose as many search criteria applicably.
  • Select Apply.  All Production Records that meet all of the criteria selected display.

To view more/less records per page:

  • Click on the settings gear in the top right-hand corner
  • Select the number of records to view per page

To view more/less information columns per page:

  • Click on the settings gear in the top right-hand corner
  • Click on “Column visibility”
  • Uncheck the columns you want to eliminate

To view archived Production Records:

  • Toggle on “Show Archived.”

Page Seen from the Web UI (Computer)

Page Seen from the Handheld Device

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