What is the Crew Scheduler?

The Crew Scheduler enables a PickTrace Office user to assign work bundles to the crews that will be working out on the farm.  Once crews are assigned via the crew scheduler, the user in the field will be able to access jobs, locations (blocks), and piece rates on the device. 

These Crew Schedule assignments appear each day when the Crew Leader opens the device with his/her badge, and Crew Leaders are able to see their assigned Work Bundle (with all the Jobs available upon checking in Employees), piece rates, and locations. 

When to Use

  • Whenever a field user (typically a crew leader or checker), needs to use the device, the Crew Scheduler is used to assign work to the user. 
  • The Crew Scheduler will be used either on a daily basis or a few times a week depending on personal preference. 

Key Concepts

  • Work Bundles group together several jobs.  Those work bundles are then assigned using the Crew Scheduler. 
  • Only two work bundles can be assigned to a crew on a single day.
  • When editing a piece rate in the Crew Scheduler, the piece rate for that unit on the Location is changed for all Crews starting at the time of that update, until it is changed again
  • If changes need to be made to an assigned work bundle, simply edit the

Office View > Mobile View

  • After unlocking the device by scanning his/her badge, the crew leader will see this Welcome Screen.  It displays their assigned Work Bundle, piece rate, and location (block

  • Under the Check In Page, the jobs and locations associated to each assigned work bundle will be avaiable to the crew leader.
  • The Dashboard will display any production buttons associated to an assigned work bundle
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