What is the Crew Page?

The Crew Page is where you can manage all of your Crews by adding a crew, archiving a crew, or editing the members of a crew.  To access the crew page, select Crews from the PickTrace Office menu.

In PickTrace, a crew is a group of employees who work together as part of a group with a single crew leader. 

Viewing the Crew Page

  • Here you will see a list of all active crews, their crew leader, their employer, and the number of employees in that crew.  
  • You can sort how you view the information by clicking on the header of each column.

Good to Knows:

  • Create crews before adding new employees.  When adding an employee in PickTrace, it is required that they be assigned to a crew.  
    • 💡 Tip: If you don't know the crews that your employees will work in, you can create a generic crew, e.g., “New Hire” or “No Crew”, so that Employees can be assigned to that crew and reassigned to their respective crew later. 
  • Employees can be reassigned to a crew through PickTrace Office at any time.
  • Employees can also be added to a crew in the field when they are checked into work on a PickTrace Device. 
  • Any member of a crew can unlock a device as long as the crew has been scheduled to work on the Crew Scheduler.
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